Strands of Fate 2e to Release this Friday!

Void Star Studios is proud to announce the release of Strands of Fate 2nd Edition!

The PDF will become available on Friday, Sept 14th, on DrivethruRPG.

The wizard’s staff hums with the power of an unleashed spell.

The assassin’s cybernetic arm ejects a hidden blade.

The super-powered defender of New York melts the robots to slag with his heat vision.

The intrepid investigator stands firm against the mind wrenching eldritch horror before him.

Cleaner, clearer and more concise, Strands of Fate 2nd Edition continues down the path set forth by the original Strands of Fate; providing a stand-alone set of core rules for using the Fate game system to tell exciting stories of action, adventure, horror and intrigue across an infinite variety of time periods and genres.

Strands of Fate 2nd Edition contains…

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·       Core Rules – This book is fully self-contained, and contains all the rules you need for making characters and playing the game.

·       Aspects – Full rules for the creation and use of Aspects, the popular narrative mechanic that has defined the Fate game system since its inception.

·       Strands – There are guidelines for creating them, as well as four sample Strands you can use as written, alter to suit your needs, or use as examples when creating your own. These include:

o   Strands of Cthulhu – In which desperate investigators confront the minions of the Elder Gods.

o   Strands of Fantasy – In which bold adventurers fight against savage and ancient evils for honor and treasure.

o   Strands of Valor – In which heroes imbued with super powers stand against tyranny and annihilation.

o   Strands of Neon and Chrome – In which cybernetically enhanced underdogs fight back against the oppressive mega-corporate elite.

·       Perks and Powers – The extraordinary and supernatural advantages that separate your characters from the masses. Whether a mutant psychic, a crusty old wizard, a crazed cultist, an ancient vampire, a cross wielding priest, or a genetically enhanced cyber-soldier, we’ve got you covered. Powers are presented as self-contained special abilities that are defined with Aspects, and further detailed through the application of Limitations and Enhancements.

·       Deviations – An entire chapter is dedicated to providing modular, variant rules that are added to, subtracted from, or used in place of the standard core rules. Deviations serve as a series of dials and switches, which can be used to tune the rules to better suit the story you want to tell.

·       Antagonists – The Game Mastery chapter contains a number of sample NPCs and creature to challenge your PCs with, or to serve as examples when creating your own.

Strands of Fate 2nd Edition is a fully self-contained Fate game, and requires no other supplements for its use. It is built upon the branch of Fate rules originally published in Strands of Fate 1st Edition and later refined in Nova Praxis.

Note: This is an “Augmented” PDF, and was designed with laptops, tablets and smartphones in mind. It is filled with useful links, and features a special layout purpose built to speed up navigation on a digital device.

Print Copies of Strands of Fate 2e

The print version of this product will be available a few weeks after the PDF’s release. This allows us to capture and correct any errors discovered in the first few weeks after release, and make sure they are corrected in the print version.

Those who purchase the PDF prior to the release of the print version will receive a discount coupon for the print version!