Playtesting Strands of Fate 2e

You might have heard that, when it comes to writing, it's "hard to kill your babies". It is. It's damned hard sometimes. But the casualties are necessary.

Strands2's development is like any other project I've worked on. It left little bodies in its wake. Ideas, ranging from "bad" to "okay", lie scattered on the trail behind us. But this one, Strands of Fate 2e, has been particularly murderous. I've got early design docs that go back 4 years. I never delete anything, so I'm left with dozens of folders that resemble nothing so much as a digital cemetery. There are entire drafts of the book that have been discarded almost in their entirety.

It's evolution. Or maybe they're sacrifices to the muse. But in any case, they've led us here.

On Jan 23rd we're going to be putting out the call for Strands of Fate 2e playtesters. Those who sign up will be given the latest version of the playtest doc and a chance to provide feedback.

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