[SoF2e Update] The Light at the End of the Tunnel!

Despite a painfully slow development cycle, we hit another milestone this weekend with Strands of Fate 2e.

Layout is nearly complete. The table of contents and cross references are done. Still just need to do a little work on the background graphics, lay out a couple of different types of character sheets, drop in the art, and add in a few of the "augmented" links (ones that exist purely to aid in digital navigation).

Unlike Nova Praxis, there will not be a "regular" PDF release for Strands 2. It will be "Augmented" only.
I've managed a few tricks that will mean the Augmented PDF and the book will look basically identical. That means the A-PDF will be portrait orientation this time, but it's still sized for easy reading on tablets.

The printed book itself will be slightly larger than Strands 1e, but smaller than a typical "full sized" RPG book. We're using the same size format as the print version of Nova Praxis: Savage Worlds Edition. And as of right now it's clocking in at around 230 pages.

I just finished ordering a bound print from my local Kinkos, which is actually the milestone I was referring to above. With every book Void Star has released, I've always ordered a bound copy to be printed. I then read through that copy, start to finish, with a red pen in hand, spilling blood where it must be spilled.

Incorporating the edits I find during that read-thru tends to be one of the very last things I do before release.