Tact-Tiles (Minor Defects)

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Tact-Tiles [Defects].jpg
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Tact-Tiles (Minor Defects)

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NOTE: These Tact-Tiles have suffered minor abrasions, dents or manufacturing defects. The defects are entirely cosmetic however, and should not affect their usability at your game table.

Tact-Tiles are highly portable, rigid, thick plastic, wet and dry-erase, gaming tiles. No more erasing the mat and starting over when the PCs run off the edge! And no more fussing with a rolled up mat!

The new run of Tact-Tiles are 100% compatible with the original Tact-Tiles from BC Products.

If you are a gamer who uses miniatures, or just in need of a good portable dry-erase and wet erase solution, Tact-Tiles will provide you with the best solution for a play surface.

Standard Tact-Tiles are marked with a 1" grid. Blank tiles do not have the grid marked on them.

Each Tact-Tile is roughly 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" x .1/8"

All orders of 9 or more Tiles now also come with a FREE Economy Storage Box!

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