Taking Advantage of the PDF Format

There is something I haven't been entirely pleased with in regards to the Nova Praxis PDF. Along the left side of every page in the PDF is a list of the chapters in the book. When you tap/click them, you are taken to the splash page at the beginning of the corresponding chapter.

That's neat, but then you have to start skimming through the chapter to get to the specific section you need within that chapter. Often times it's still better to go to the table of contents instead of using the chapter navigation buttons.

I'm fixing that. This is the new splash screen for the Overview chapter. 

So when you hit the Overview button, you are taken to this page. And from this page, you can leap to a location within the chapter by pressing the "buttons" associated with each section. The other splash pages for all the other chapters are getting this same treatment. 

This means that frequently used pages, such as the weapons table, the stunt list, etc; are never more than two clicks/taps away.

Also, if you are a playtester and haven't already, I want to remind you to please take a moment to give us some feedback.