Playtesters Wanted!

We are currently looking for playtesters for upcoming releases. We are looking for volunteers with gaming groups who are willing and able to play Strands of Fate games using the new material, and are willing to report back any errors or issues.

To volunteer, please send me an email via the "Email Mechalus" link on the right side of this page. I need at least a paragraph describing your group and how often you believe you will be able to play.

Please note that if you do not intend to contribute, do not bother volunteering. This is not an offer to get new stuff free, but to make the Strands of Fate line the best it can be. If you are not providing feedback, you will be removed from the group.

Playtesters will be granted access to a hidden forum on our messageboard. You will be able to download the playtest material on this board and discuss it with other playtesters. 

UPDATE: When you send me your request email, please include your forum username. Thanks!

UPDATE [7-13-11] - Playtesting for Strands of Power is now closed.