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Very good companion to Strands of goes over the power creation process in an easy to understand manner and provide both new mechanics and ideas in the form of Power Packages and Companions. It is very useful for both players and GMs.
— Luke G. (RPGNow)

Strands of Power is the key that will unlock the true potential of your favorite Strands of Fate characters. With this supplement, you've got all the tools to create the ultimate characters for any campaign.

Strands of Power compiles and updates the Advantages available to your characters, as well as offers a host of new Expert, Heroic and Power Advantages. In addition, existing Powers get dozens of new Modifiers, and new Meta-Powers can even change the way you purchase Powers.

Strands of Power greatly expands the Strands of Fate game system, featuring:

  • Compiled and updated Advantages from Strands of Fate.
  • Dozens of new Advantages, Modifiers and Meta-Powers
  • Power Packages: Sets of Aspects, Ability Adjustments and Advantages that allow you to create characters around a theme. Packages include: Armored Hero, Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Dragon, Knight, Lycanthrope, Monk, Paragon, Psychic, Savant, Sorcerer, Super Soldier, Thief, Vampire, Vigilante Hero, Warlock and Wizard 
  • Power Sources: Detailed explorations of a number of Power Sources, advice for purchasing Powers to match their Power Source. Power Sources include: Arcane Magic, Cybernetic Augmentations, Dark Gifts, Divine Magic, Psychic Talent, & Tech Savant Programs
  • Power Applications: Dozens of Powers, pre-defined with Modifiers and Meta-Powers, created to simulate spells, psychic talents, cybernetic augmentations, etc. These both save time during character creation, and serve as inspiration for your creations.
  • Companions: Turn the tides of destiny in your favor with NPC companions loyal to your cause. Gain a wise mentor, a loyal love interest, a brave sidekick, or a legion of minions armed to the teeth.

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