Strands of Fate 2nd Edition Playtest

Strands of Fate 2e has been in development for some time now. And we've finally reached the stage of development where we are ready to begin gathering external feedback.

By filling out the form below, you will be put on a mailing list to receive the Strands of Fate 2e playtest document, which will be sent out on January 30th.

In the past we leaned on classic messageboard software to gather feedback. And during development, our team used a Google+ community. But the gather play tester feedback, we're going to do something a little more experimental. We're going to use Reddit. More specifically, we using a custom Subreddit set up specifically for this purpose.

You can view it here, and begin posting posting questions and comments immediatly.




Application acceptance for the first round of Beta testing has come to a close.

Keep an eye on this website, or our Facebook page, to be notified when it opens up again for phase 2.

Thank you!