Strands of Power [Hardcover]

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Strands of Power [Hardcover]


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Strands of Power compiles and updates the Advantages available to your characters, as well as offers a host of new Expert, Heroic and Power Advantages. In addition, existing Powers get dozens of new Modifiers, and new Meta-Powers can even change the way you purchase Powers.

Strands of Power greatly expands the Strands of Fate game system, featuring:

  • Compiled and updated Advantages from Strands of Fate.
  • Dozens of new Advantages, Modifiers and Meta-Powers
  • Power Packages: Sets of Aspects, Ability Adjustments and Advantages that help you create characters that match classic themes. Packages include: Armored Hero, Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Dragon, Knight, Lycanthrope, Monk, Paragon, Psychic, Savant, Sorcerer, Super Soldier, Thief, Vampire, Vigilante Hero, Warlock and Wizard 
  • Power Sources: Detailed explorations of a number of Power Sources, and advice for purchasing Powers to compliment their Power Source. Power Sources include: Arcane Magic, Cybernetic Augmentations, Dark Gifts, Divine Magic, Psychic Talent, & Tech Savant Programs
  • Power Applications: Dozens of Powers, pre-defined with Modifiers and Meta-Powers, created to simulate classic spells, psychic talents, cybernetic augmentations, etc. These both save time during character creation, and serve as inspiration for your creations.
  • Companions: Turn the tide in your favor with NPC companions loyal to your cause. Gain a wise mentor, a loyal love interest, a brave sidekick, or a legion of loyal minions.

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