Nova Praxis GM Screen [PDF]

NP Screen Image.jpg
NP Screen Image.jpg

Nova Praxis GM Screen [PDF]


These screen inserts, formated to be arranged as three landscape panels, features art from Nova Praxis on one side and the following reference tables and rules on the other:

  • Quick Reference Facts on the Houses
  • Relative Distance Between Systems (a table not found in the core book)
  • Skill Ranks and Difficulties
  • Skill List
  • Degree of Success chart
  • Aspect Scopes
  • Brief Synopsis of Aspect Rules
  • Consequences (how much stress they absorb and their recovery times)
  • Common Attack and Defense Skills used in a Physical Conflict
  • Sample Physical/Mental/System Consequences
  • Fire and Enviromental Hazards Intensity Table 
  • Sample Favors Table
  • Size Table

This PDF can be useful to have on a laptop screen, or printed out for yourself and your players. 

It's even better if you have a landscape Customizable GM Screen like the one available from Studio 2 Publishing. The Savage Worlds inserts slip right out and can be replaced with the Nova Praxis GM Screen print outs.

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