Nova Praxis [Augmented PDF]

Nova Praxis [Augmented PDF 1.jpg
Nova Praxis [Augmented PDF 1.jpg

Nova Praxis [Augmented PDF]


This is the PDF version of Nova Praxis, but it is not just a fully bookmarked and linked PDF version of the book. The Augmented PDF has gone through an entirely separate layout process, developed from the ground up to run on widescreen laptop screens and tablets. 

The Augmented PDF also features a number of navigational aids, allowing you to reference the PDF faster than ever.

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For best results, we recommend viewing the Augmented PDF with: 

Mac or PC: Adobe Acrobat Reader

iPhone/iPad: PDF Expert or Goodreader

Android: EzPDF

Quite possibly the most useful and beautiful PDF ever created for gaming, and the setting/genre is something something desperately need for the Fate rules.
— Seth B
Once in a while, a product is released which doesn’t necessarily redefine the medium, but takes advantage of current trends to present a product that ties those trends together into a packaged whole. NOVA PRAXIS does this. One of the holy grails of tabletop gaming is a sci-fi rpg that is easy to learn but has the complexity to handle all levels of scaling, combat and system design. In short, a near impossible task, but one which NOVA PRAXIS navigates well...
This is how pdf’s should be presented IMO, and we should be seeing more of this.
— Frankie B