Machinations is now available!

Machinations expands upon the Nova Praxis setting, delving deeper into the Coalition and Houses while also introducing several new factions. Machinations also offers new gameplay options, campaign advice, campaign examples, and a ready to run introductory scenario. This GM's companion is littered with plot hooks and inspiration for new and experienced Nova Praxis GMs.

Machinations includes...

... a quick overview of the Nova Praxis setting, hitting the high points in a concise manner to help new GM's more quickly become comfortable with the setting.

... a deeper look at the Coalition government, including the Protectorate.

... an expanded tour of the Houses, covering their political and economic domains, as well as their current ambitions and imminent dangers.

... a number of new factions, and expands upon existing ones. Machinationsintroduces or expands upon the Children of Dionysus, The Fallen, House Turin, Phalanx Formations, Progenisis Afflicted, Rings of Olympus, The Scholae Palatinae, Second Chances. Seraphim, Talons of Freedom and The Unseen Court

... rules for starting characters that are less experienced, or legends in their field.

... a new Savant Program. The Fog of War Program blacks out the mesh, allowing Savants and their crew to operate unnoticed by the Monitors or nosey SIMs.

... rules for Requisitioning gear from parent organizations.

... guidance for playing the elite Scholae Palatina; Coalition operatives outfitting with their own ship, a crew, and a mission to explore the galaxy and deal with the Coalition's biggest threats.

... a new rules framework that allows characters to shine as a member of the team, or operating alone. The new Sequences rules help the GM run scenarios in which the party stays together or splits into two or more groups to tackle complex challenges, without the need for detailed maps or NPC stats.

... four sample campaign arcs. These campaign arcs provide an outline for a series of short campaigns that can be played in order to form one massive campaign, or as stand-alone short campaigns. These arcs are structured to allow plenty of room to interject your own tangents, or provide inspiration for your own stories.

... the introductory scenario, Ghosts in Darkness. This scenario provides a starting point for new campaigns, and introduces the GM and players to the primary elements of the setting while also setting up a chilling villain that can haunt the PCs for years to come.