Nova Praxis: Savage Worlds Edition PDF is Out!

So, for you guys who don't know, the Savage Worlds version contains everything in the Fate version, plus a ton of new stuff. The setting was expanded a bit, with more detail given to the Houses and various locations. It also introduces several new factions, as well as hooks for scenarios, and even new play styles. It also includes four "Campaign Arcs" that provide the skeleton of an entire campaign.

Out intent was to make the setting deeper, more engaging, more mysterious, and even more interesting. We wanted to do a better job of guiding the GM into the setting, so the first chapter is very different than the Fate version. And we wanted to provide more hooks and ideas to spur the GMs imagination, while also providing a bit of guidance.

It also contains a ton of awesome new art!

Fans of the Fate version might be thinking "Well that's great and all, but I like Fate better and I already have that version".

That's a fair statement, and we've got you covered! I'm looking to release Machinations: The Nova Praxis GM's Companion next week, and it will include all of the new content from "Savage Praxis", as well as the intro scenario Ghosts in Darkness, and more!

Savage Worlds fans can also expect to see Ghosts in Darkness converted to Savage Worlds soon!

Going forward, it is our intent to support both game systems, meaning two versions of each new book will be released. We had toyed with the idea of "dual-statting" the books, but due to potential licensing issues, we have decided to keep them separate.