Tact-Tiles Progress! For real this time!

After one unspeakably frustrating false start after another, we've finally got a pseudo-sample tile in hand.

What you're looking at in the pics below (click to see more) is one of the original Tact-Tiles (left) mated with the first new Tact-Tile (black) to be produced in nearly a decade. This one is actually from a sample of the material they had on hand today. The real material won't be in for a few days yet, and will obviously be lighter. This was just produced to make sure the mold is okay, and to do a fit check.

It passed! It mates really well, and it's nice, flat, and rigid.

The finished version will look like the one on the left, but with gray lines instead of brown.

We're going to push hard to get these out in the same release window as D&D5e and the Savage Worlds version of Nova Praxis. Expect the Kickstarter to fire up sometime in the next few weeks!