Status Update

The Nova Praxis Savage Worlds Edition Kickstarter is doing well. It became over half-way funded in 3 days. But we're still a ways off from being fully backed, and even farther from those great stretch goals. So please, continue to spread the word!

The bad news this week is that we've hit yet another snag with the manufacturer for Tact-Tiles. We're promised samples early next week, but then, we were promised samples last week and the week before that too though. Samples are running a month late. Enough is enough.

I'm not putting a hold on them in case, by some miracle, we actually do get samples next week. But we're going to start looking for another supplier.

The state of Machinations remains much the same as it was in the last update. I got the edits back from Joshua and he has done a wonderful job of catching typos, grammar issues, and editing for clarity. Now the big wait is for art. I've got a few orders out, and will post them as they become available, starting with this one...

If you've been following me on G+, or watching the NP:SWE Kickstarter, you've probably already seen this. It's a piece featuring a Samurai from House Kimura and his recon frame.