So I guess their phones work after all?

After failing to return our calls and reply to emails for almost two weeks, I FINALLY got some answers out the manufacturing manager at the plant responsible for running our Tact-Tiles mold.

He told me that the machine was down with our tool inside. Apparently it went down last week and they are still waiting on the repair guy. He was supposed to be there last week, and should arrive "any day now". He promised to give me a call and do better with communication in the future. We'll see.

They're supposed to give me a call before they run the first samples so that I can be on hand to do an on-the-spot approval and make sure the new tiles correctly interlock with old tiles.

Hopefully that'll be sometime in the next few days. I'm meeting with Sean on Friday to discuss his progress on the Savage Worlds version of Nova Praxis. The Kickstarter for it is just about ready to fire up, and I'm hoping I can post a big update full of good news on Monday.

Fingers crossed!