Status Updates

Tact-Tiles News

For cost reasons, we had to seek out a new injection mold company. We found them, and they intend to get started early next week! That means we are still on track for a December delivery.

We also go the first sample Premium Case in!

I'm pretty satisfied with it, but we're going to make some design tweaks. It doesn't need the finger holes in the tiles section. So I'm going to remove those, which will free up more space for the markers/eraser/dice section.

The Premium case will be available here on the website. However, we don't know the exact price yet, as we are still in negotiations with the supplier.

Nova Praxis: SWE News

We're still in the errata collection phase before going into printing. So if you find any errors, you can report them here.

This week I will begin work on the custom Nova Praxis Action Deck and the GM Screen PDF. The week after I'll begin on the Augmented PDF!

Also, if you like NP:SWE, please take a moment to drop us a review.

Machinations News

Like NP:SWE, we're still in the errata collection stage for Machinations. But we will be ordering print samples soon.

Please report errors found in Machinations here.

And as with NP:SWE, if you like Machinations, we'd appreciate it if you left us a review!