Nova Praxis Status Update

Due to "real life" issues, I'm having a hard time getting through the final read through and getting the last edits in. Shooting for a PDF release on the 18th. I'd wanted to hit the 11th, but I'm afraid it's just not possible.  

Frankly, I've spent more time editing than I would have liked. But it needed a few more coats of polish, so it's getting it.

The current version is a big improvement over the last playtest doc, with large portions being re-written for clarity and readability; and I made a few organizational changes.  

There have been a few mechanical changes as well. Most notably, the WR on all weapons has been reduced, and so has the ARs on all armors. The bonuses provided by Agents have decreased as well. Bonuses/modifiers have been lowered pretty much across the board. And the execution difficulties on most Savant Programs were reduced.

Extended actions work a little differently now. And what FATE Core calls "Boosts", Nova Praxis now calls "Effect Aspects". 

My plan going forward is thus:

1. Get the PDF released on the 18th.
2. Get the GM Screen PDF done (1 week).
3a. Layout for the print version (1 month).
3b. Incorporate any errata collected since the PDF release. Send files to printer. Release PDF update. Printing may take up to 2 months or so depending on their schedule.)
4. Finalize the outline for the GM Companion (1 week).
5. Publish the GM Companion (4 months? Too early to say).
6. Finalize outline for The Vantage Strain (Should happen parallel to GM Companion's development).
7. Publish the The Vantage Strain (5 months? Still too early to say).
8. ?? What happens after this point depends on fan feedback, sales, my sanity, etc.