Early Feedback on Nova Praxis [Augmented PDF]

"This PDF is goddamn amazing. This is what I've wanted to do for years. But you actually did it." - Rose Bailey

"The PDF is a joy to read, not only because of all the nice functionality built into it, but because the content is amazing  So glad I backed this on KS." - VicenteC

"There should be an ISO standard for making usable gaming PDFs, and Nova Praxis should be certified pronto. It looks great." -PTiKachu

"Bought it. Started browsing. Am utterly happy. If you can, outsource your layout skills and ideas to other companies! This is... Amazing." - Matt.Ceb

"...together with the already powerful tools of Goodreader the layout of the Nova Praxis pdf is masterful and makes for a great experience. Head, shoulders and feet above anything else I've read digitally. The technological leap between the layout of this pdf and its competitors very much adds to the mood of the setting. I can only hope that Mike has set a new standard for the rest to follow." - bladerunner_35

"Augmented is the right word for that PDF.... DAYUM!" -Samuel Hart