What are we doing?

Finally finished up a chunk of Machinations (the Nova Praxis GM's guide) that had been nagging me. 

  • Ghosts in Shadow, the (~32 page) intro scenario that we be in the back of the book, is in playtesting.
  • The rules for Sequences are in playtesting.
  • The first draft of the expanded coverage the Houses is complete. 
  • A number of concepts for additional antagonists have been submitted.
  • An overview of how the Houses and Coalition operate together and separate has been done.
  • The four campaign arcs have been outlined.
  • Plus some other stuff.

We've still got more to do, but progress is being made. It's not progressing nearly as fast as I'd like, but a number of personal complications have blah blah blah... Nobody wants to hear excuses.

We've also got two more huge projects in the works. One is a conversion of Nova Praxis to another popular game system. I can't say much more right now, but it's going to be awesome. I won't be handling the conversion myself. Instead, the bulk of the work is getting passed off to an expert with the system. Honestly, I can't wait. But don't worry, we're not ditching FATE by any means. Supplements going forward will be released for both systems, either as a single book with two sets of stats, or as two separate books. Not sure yet.

The other project, which looks like it's going to be huge, is actually something that can supplement just about any game system. More on that as we get samples in and go through testing. After we're satisfied with the quality, we'll be firing up a Kickstarter.

We're looking at a Q1 2014 release for all of this stuff.