Bundle of Holding - Indie Edition

Void Star Studios is proud to be a part of the latest Bundle of Holding.

From now through Dec 3rd, you can get a ton of great games for dirt cheap. And you help out some worthy charities in the process!

The Bundle currently contains...

Apocalypse World: The fantastically innovative post-apocalypse RPG by Dogs in the Vineyard designer D. Vincent Baker.

Sagas of the Icelanders: The hot -- rather, the arctic cold -- new Apocalypse Engine spinoff by Gregor Vuga.

Perfect, Unrevised: Dystopian steampunk criminal radicalism by Monsterhearts designer Joe Mcdaldno.

And by paying more than the current average price [$18.73 at the time this was posted], you also get all these bonus titles:

Dungeon World: The complete 450-page Apocalypse Engine fantasy game that is transforming the field.

Adventures on Dungeon Planet: Takes Dungeon World into science fantasy.

Durance: Fiasco designer Jason Morningstar's game of survival and status on a brutal prison planet.

Nova Praxis (Augmented .PDF): The fascinating Fate-system transhuman SFRPG, offered in a state-of-the-art .PDF version that shows everyone how it should be done.