Aspects of Nova Praxis - The Last Frontier

While Earth may be lost, humanity now thrives on over a dozen planets. And millions live their lives on smaller colonies or space stations.

One of Mimir’s greatest gifts to humanity was the technology that allowed for the folding of space, the creation of jump gates that made instantaneous travel between locations possible.

While nearly impossible to use in the gravity well of a planet, jump gates can be created in space to allow ships to travel vast distances, bridging the gap of a few light-years in seconds. This technology allows ships capable of opening jump gates, or the use of the public gate network, to travel between star systems.

However, jump gates also have a minimum jump distance, so travel within a star system is performed using sub-light engines that, while incredibly fast, can still require days to commute between planets.

Aboard a ship, artificial gravity is generated to insure the health of the crew, and the ships themselves are powered by APEX reactors capable of supplying nearly unlimited power by harnessing the power of matter/anti-matter reactions.