Folks are Talking about Nova Praxis

"With the upcoming release of Nova Praxis, Mike McConnell's new transhumanist SF game, we now have a complete RPG powered by Strands of Fate.  And no fears, you don't need to buy Strands to play this: Nova Praxis is a complete RPG with a rich setting and a streamlined version of the Strands system... Even better, it's a game I want to play." John Till, FATE SF (Read the rest of this preview here.)

"I don’t want to spoil too much of the story behind the game setting; suffice to say it is extremely evocative, with plenty of scope for role-playing opportunities." - Greywulf, Stuffershack (Read the rest of this preview here.)

"For a mere beta version of the game it already looks gorgeous. If you expect your modern sci-fi game book to look sleek and stylish you won’t be disappointed by Nova Praxis at all."...."Overall I noticed a lot of very cool tweaks to the FATE system. Even if you are not necessarily interested in the setting, you might want to pick up Nova Praxis for its rules alone." - Michael Wolf, Stargazer's World (Read the rest of this preview here.)

"Nova Praxis is a well-integrated bundle of setting and rules, one section plays off of another creating a game where setting informs the rules and rules inform the setting. Much of this has to do with the strength of the Fate system, in any incarnation of the rules. This is a sexy and good-looking game that will make you want to run it, or play in its world." - Christopher Helton, Dorkland (Read the rest of this preview here, and the follow-up here.)