Aspects of Nova Praxis - The Loss of Earth

In time, Earth’s major nations split into two warring factions, the Alliance and Federation. The Consolidation Wars, as they came to be called, ended with the release of the most devastating weapon the human race has ever known.

It was thought that unleashing the technophage on the Alliance capital would shock Alliance forces into surrendering. It might have worked had things gone according to plan.

The Federation government claimed it had only meant to destroy Brasilia. But for unknown reasons, the technophage did not stop. Instead of going dormant, it began attacking anything and everything. It grew and kept growing, sweeping across the world like a technological plague.

The technophage swarmed over the world; the rolling mass of nanomachines ripped cities and people apart at the molecular level, assembling usable base materials into autonomous war machines. As the gray fog swept across the land, it left only dust and murderous drones in its wake.

The Consolidation Wars ground to a halt as both sides worked to defeat, or at least contain, the spreading blight. But it was too little, too late. The governments of Earth effectively collapsed. Entire nations that lacked the necessary weapons to fight the nanoswarm were lost. Even developed nations took tremendous casualties as the swarm adapted by building new drones designed with specially tailored defense systems. It soon became clear that any hope of survival lay in retreat.

With Earth’s governments scattered and broken, the corporations of the world stepped in by directing their vast resources to aid the evacuation. Millions escaped during the Exodus, but many billions were lost.

Now, Earth lies under quarantine. And none are allowed to return home for fear that the technophage might spread.