Setting Update

A little update on what's going on...

The new setting is coming along rather well. I just delivered a 121 page playtest document to the playtesters. It uses a specific combination of the options presented in Strands of Fate, plus a few new bits that model certain facets of the setting in new ways.

So what is the new setting? Here's a hint:

[Log Excerpt 2374-G7... Timestamp: 4-13-2140... Begin:]
How do you feel sir?
- [ARID Profile: Dr. Joseph Marrow]
I'm... fine.
- [ARID Profile: [Classified]]
Dr. Marrow: How does it move? Can you feel everything? Your fingers? Toes?
[Classified]: Feels good I think.
Dr. Marrow: Whoah now! Take it easy. Slow.
[Classified]: It's fine doc. This ain't my first time. Ah! Floor's cold.
Dr. Marrow: Here is a robe sir. And slippers.
[Classified]: I'm really more concerned wi- there it is... Mindset's online.
[17.3 Seconds of Silence]
[Classified]: Looks like it's all here.
Dr: Marrow: Good to hear it sir. Maybe keep this one alive for a while eh?