Product Status Update

Good News/Bad News time!

Re: Strands of Fate 2nd Printing

The Bad:
The Strands of Fate 2nd printing is taking a little longer than I'd hoped. Though hopefully I'll be able to get the first proof ordered this week, meaning it should still be out in just a few weeks.

The Good:
The reason it is taking so long is that we've added 32 pages of extra material, and we're being really diligent about scrapping up any known issues or errata in an effort to make this as perfect a release as possible. 

Re: Strands of Infinity

The Bad: Strands of Infinity is getting shelved for the time being. That's not to say you will never see it, but the feedback I've been receiving over the last few months has indicated that another book of tools isn't what people need right now... which leads us to the good news...

The Good: We have a setting in the works! I don't want to say much at the moment, but it's looking like our next project will not only provide you with a ready-made setting for your Strands adventures, but will also show you what you can build with the Strands toolbox.