What is "The Vantage Strain"?

If we can hit our next Kickstarter stretch goal, most backers (depending on the backer tier you've selected) will get a copy of "The Vantage Strain" when it is released.

The Vantage Strain is the first official scenario for Nova Praxis to be produced by Void Star Games. It is written with the intent of providing both an introduction to the setting and a fully playable campaign.

During the christening ceremony of a new state-of-the-art warship, Vantage Station is brutally assaulted by what appears to be an new strain of the technophage. The ensuing battle results in the deaths of several high ranking House members and the Praetorians charged with protecting them. Your crew finds themselves caught up in the fray, with little choice but to fight or die.

In the aftermath, they are empowered by the Senate to seek those responsible for the horrors on Vantage. Their hunt will send them down a twisting path of mystery, corruption, and betrayal. They will be forced to travel the galaxy, forge alliances, and unite foes in a desperate struggle to defeat the Vantage Strain.

So come on folks! Spread the word! Talk to your gamer friends and link to this Kickstarter on your favorite social networks. Let's unleash the Vantage Strain!