Bits of Advice

Since Strands of Fate was released, I've tried my best to personally answer as many questions as possible. And after hundreds of threads on our official forums, dozens and dozens on (not counting 3 "mega-threads"!) I found myself repeating the same bits on more than one occasion.

So, a while back I asked my playtesters for Strands of Power to post links to any advice I had posted that they found particularly useful/insightful. And, as usual, my buddy Tonpa came through the hero.

The list he posted was a really good one, so good that I thought it might be worth sharing here:


On tripping person with Fiery Whip

On limitation vs weakness clarification

Yard Stick for damage

Power Item Potency Calculations (Errata)

Question about maneuvers and tactical combat

On multiple attacks

On Fire part 1

Soft vs Hard Cover

On Aspected Items Part I

Aspects I and Aspect II

Mid session refresh

On chases 

Power Items II

Again with aspects


How to manage player creation when the stronger the magic he can wield, the lesser the TL he can use :D

High Teck low Magic 

Lot of small things about power difficulty

On physical conflict being the most common one

Power Items (again)

Maneuver as supplement action

Infamous style invoke with lightning

Equipment cost

Plot protection

Fiddly bits

Money (note the question is few post above) 


Everything Stacks


Make it more deadly

ForceDark Side EdgeNon-jedi refresh and Modelling the different refresh for jedi vs non-jedi

(Here few bonus ones that are not yours that should be remembered on vehicles and Reverse unit rule that should be included