Alternate CamPL Table

Some time ago I began to notice a trend in how Strands of Fate characters were being created. At the higher Power Levels, players generally skipped over the Expert Advantages in favor of the (admittedly cooler) Heroic and Power Advantages.

The Expert Advantages were designed to (when coupled with Abilities and Specialty Aspects) help define what your character's "skills" are. So by ignoring the Expert Advantages, you end up with characters who are not as well defined as they otherwise could be.

So, after thinking about this for a while it occured to me that the best solution would be to give out a few Expert Advantages to every character for free. And to balance this, the character's Refresh is reduced a bit. I made a few other minor tweaks as well and eventually ended up with the alternate CamPL table found below.

The feedback I've received since releasing this to playtesters and on our messageboard has been really positive. So feel free to use it or ignore it as you please.


1. The numbers in parenthesis are the maximum starting value a character can have in a single Ability or Power.

2. You can use Advantage Points to purchase more Expert Advantages if you wish.

3. You still have to start at the appropriate Super Hero CamPL to purchase Super Powers.

4. Why do Super Heroes not get more Ability ranks? This is a bit of a genre convention. Strip the Power from pretty much any Super Hero and what you are left with is an Action Hero (at best). For Super Heroes who are best modelled with high Abilitiy ratings (Batman, Captain America, etc.) you should use your APs to purchase the Experienced Heroic Advantage. Then spend the resulting XPs on upgrading your Abilities.