Strands of Power Update

As I announced on Twitter, Strands of Power is far enough along now that I took some time today to compile the various playtest docs into a semblance of a single product. There is still a lot to be done, but the compiled playtest docs are, at this time, 265 pages. 

It currently includes:

  • Chapter 1 - Expert Advantages (Reprint of existing Expert Advantages (including errata) plus lots of new ones.)
  • Chapter 2 - Heroic Advantages (Reprint of existing Heroic Advantages (including errata) plus lots of new ones. I believe the number of Heroic Advantages has just about doubled by now.)
  • Chapter 3 - Power Advantages (Reprint of existing Power Advantages (including errata) plus lots of new ones. Also, existing Power Advantages are greatly expanded, adding tons of new Modifiers.)
  • Chapter 4 - Power Packages (Bundles of Aspects and Advantages based on a theme and purchased at a single AP (or Refresh) cost. Examples include Wizard, Cleric, Psychic, Vampire, Barbarian, etc. It looks like we're going to have about 30 or so Power Packages defined.)
  • Chapter 5 - Power Sources (Examples of pre-defined Power Sources and Affinity Abilities. The ones currently in the book are Arcane Magic, Divine Miracles, Psychic Talents, Cybernetic Augmentations, and a few more I won't get into just yet. There are also Power Applications for each Power Source and advice for building your own. Power Applications are examples of fully defined Powers built to simulate things like fireball spells, healing miracles, subdermal plating, etc.)

Likely the final product will be between 300-350 pages. Still shooting to release in August, but I'm not willing to bet my life on it.