State of the Star

I recently received the following comment on a previous post and I felt it was worth addressing more openly:

So will more Strands of Fate products only be available on the Untold site? They have Aspect cards... is Strands of Fate and Untold merging or something?

Sorry, I am confused by what I'm reading. I really want to get my hands on the Strands of Fate Companion and the Strands of Power product I've read about in a few places. Let me know where I can go to get these. I got my copy of Strands of Power from Can I get more products from there? Some day I'd like to purchase a real copy of my Strands of Fate... just to make thumbing through to find things easier or for a copy to pass around. Plus they look awesome.

Let me know where and how to get your further products. Oh, and when, heard July in one post. Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.

- Modern Fairy Tale

Not too long ago, Wandering Men (creators of Untold) became Ignitus Innovation. During that time we did a contract re-negotiation and a bit of restructuring. Our relationship has changed somewhat since the initial press release, with Ignitus now filling the role of a potential contractor for Void Star and Void Star once again becoming a wholly independent entity under my sole direction.

What does that mean to Void Star's customers? Not much really. A Strands of Fate material will be coming directly from Void Star for the foreseeable future, via the same channels we presently use.

That said, it's a pleasure to know and work with the guys at Ignitus, and don't be surprised to see some cross-pollination of our writing credits in the future.

Future Releases

Strands of Power is currently in development and playtesting. It will focus on expanding the Advantages already present in SoF, while adding a few new ones. In addition, we've been expiramenting with something we are calling Power Packages and Power Paths that provide you with pre-build character concepts and a detailed advancement path. These are very useful when someone knows the sort of character they want to play, but isn't comfortable enough with the system (or just doesn't have time) to pick and choose the individual character traits (Affinity Abilities, Advantages, Specialty Aspects, etc.) needed to effectivly build the character.

For example, if a character wants to build a wizard, he can either pick the Advantages he wants, or he can purchase the Wizard Power Package. For a set price, he gets a bundle of Advantages, Aspects, Weaknesses, etc. And as he gains experience he can either purchase what he wants whenever he wants, or he can put XPs into the Path of Wizardry which unlock new benefits as more XPs are put into it.

Whether you build the character by picking and choosing what you want, or by picking a Power Package and Path (or by doing a bit of both) the end results are the same. 

Strands of Power will also feature a number of Power Applications. Similar to Power Packages, these are specific uses of Powers built up to represent a certain spell, psychic talent, mutation, etc. Check out the "Blazing Blade" spell for an example of what I'm talking about:
We're shooting for a July or August release for Strands of Power.
[UPDATE: Strands of Power has been delayed, though we still plan to release it before the end of the year.]

"The Companion" has not officially gone into development yet. In fact, we're not even sure what the name is going to be. What I can tell you at this point is that we're looking to use this book to expand on the parts of Strands of Fate that we don't cover in Strands of Power

It's looking like "The Companion" will also contain an assortment of new ways to tweak and twist Strands of Fate to your liking. This includes sections that provide guidelines for making Strands work a little more like traditional FATE games (like Spirit of the Century or Starblazer Adventures) but also a lot of new ideas that push Strands further away from its roots; in some cases a lot farther. We've been playing with alternate core resolution mechanics, Skills instead of Abilities, using neither Abilities or Skills, playing on a battle mat, all sorts of stuff.

Strands was developed to be a massive toolkit. "The Companion" is going to be a whole new bag of tools to suppliment it.

Writers Wanted, Apply Within

Barring a few wonderful additons from our playtesters, the bulk of the writing, design, layout, marketting, management, etc has been on my shoulders. I'm looking to change that.

If you are one of those guys who thinks "Strands is almost exactly what I want except..." now's your chance. Except what? Think Strands needs to expand on some topic it hasn't touched on yet? I want to know about it. Want to develop your ideas into something official? Write me and tell me about it.  

Do you think you've got the creativity and drive to make a mark in the freelancing game design world? Let's find out.

In the near future Void Star will begin handing out paying gigs to writers who want to be a part of Strands of Fate. So if you've got something you want to write for Void Star, shoot me an email and tell me about it.