Replacing Abilities with Skills

Some folks prefer more specific "Skills" over the more general "Abilities" found in Strands of Fate. If you are one such person, you can swap out Abilities for Skills with a few simple adjustments:

Replace Abilities with Skills
You're going to need to come up with a Skills list to fit your game, then figure out how to distribute ranks in them. You can easily use the Skills from any other FATE game and distribute them in the same way that game does it. 

Remove Specialty Aspects
The primary function of Specialty Aspects is to explain the specific things your character is good or bad at. They are one part of the Abilities + Advantages + Specialty Aspects formula that combine to define the character. But if you aren't using Abilities, Specialty Aspects are largely unnecessary. Skills fill the role of both Abilities and Specialty Aspects in most cases.

Reduce The Refresh for your CamPL by 1
Strands tends to have a higher Refresh value than most other FATE games, and this is to help you invoke your Specialty Aspects. So when you remove Specialty Aspects, you can reduce your overall Refresh a bit. 

Add Three More Character Aspects
Extend the Aspect Alphabet (if you are using it) for Character Aspects to cover A-D as normal plus "Enemies", "Friends" & "Gear".

I personally like Abilities just fine, as I feel the Specialty Aspects result in more interesting characters than the static numbers provided by Skills since they can be invoked for effect and compelled. But for the folks prefer Skills, there you go.

This is something we are likely going to explore in more depth in the next book after Strands of Power. The "Strands of Fate Companion" (as it is currently called) will feature all sorts of tweaks to the system like this.