Heroic Traits: An "Aspect-like" Mechanic for D&D

This is something I've been rattling around in my head for a while now.

I'd been wanting a way to add something like FATE's Aspects to D&D, but FATE's Refresh mechanic doesn't really work well when your game sessions could swing wildly between no combat to entire game sessions devoted to a single combat encounter.

However, a week or so ago I stumbled upon a potential solution. And surprisingly, the solution came by ditching Fate Points. 

The end result is a mechanic that promotes some measure of narrative control in D&D, but doesn't go as far with it as FATE. It's still D&D. And as such, I changed around some of the FATE-centric terminology so as not to confuse folks who play both.

And to be clear, you don't have to know anything about FATE to use these rules in your D&D game.

You can download the current draft here.

Note that while this was written for D&D4e, it is easily usable in Gamma World, 3.X/Pathfinder, Star Wars, or even older versions of D&D.

Potential Issues:

Humans are the "base-line" race. That being the case, their Racial Heroic Trait is rather lackluster. Should humans get something special to make up for this? If so, what?

What do you think? Comments welcome!