I've received a lot of questions of late, but unfortunately it's been tough to find time to respond to each individually. So I figured I'd post the answer to some of the more popular ones.

Q) When is the errata for Strands of Fate going to be incorporated into the PDF?
A) It's next on the list. We'll also be updating the print versions as well.

Q) Where did you go? You used to be on the forums all the time.
A) Sadly, my new day job affords me very little free time. And when I get home, I'm either sick of looking at computers or I work a bit on future Void Star releases. I still try to chime in here and there, but not as much as I'd like.

Q) Is there somewhere else I can get Void Star print products other than Lulu?
A) Not right now, but it's something I plan to look into in the near future.

Q) What about local game stores?
A) We work with a few retailers around the world. But if your friendly local game store doesn't carry Void Star products, and you'd like them to, point them to the link on the right side of this page.

Q) What's next?
A) We've already begun work on Strands of Infinity, a book of options and variant rules to help you further customize your Strands of Fate games. We'll be taking a break until after the new year, then it's back to work.