Strands of Power preview: Power Tricks

One of the things I've seen people asking about is a way to allow their wizard-like character to be able to perform all lot of little trivial spells (aka. "Cantrips"). Strands of Fate didn't really offer a very efficient way of doing this. You had to buy a lot of different Powers and this got expensive really fast. So, with that in mind, I developed a new Power called Power Tricks for the upcoming Strands of Power.

And since I feel like this was something that should have been included in Strands of Fate from the beginning, I've decided to give this one to you early. 

Power Tricks

Base AP Cost: 1
Activation: None or Fate Point 
Activation Time: Simple Action
Requires a Power Source and Affinity Ability

You have the capacity to perform a number of simple tricks through the subtle manipulation of your Power Source. These tricks, while limited in their usefulness, allow your character to use his supernatural talents to entertain and impress others, or perform simple mundane tasks.

While your character is not limited to a set number of tricks, a trick must make sense in the context of your Power Source and the general theme of your other Powers. For example, a powerful shapeshifter may be able to temporarily change his hair color, but he probably shouldn’t be able to make sparks dance between his fingers.

Below you will find a list of examples of the types of tricks your character can perform.

  • Light a candle from a distance
  • Levitate a small object weighing less than 1 lb (about .5kg)
  • Create a small, obviously immaterial, illusion in your hand
  • Create a sound no louder than a person talking
  • Make minor repairs to a mundane item
  • Scribe on an object without a pencil or marker
  • Clean or dry a soiled or wet item
  • Create soft music
  • Revitalize or wither a small plant
  • Heal or kill small normal animals or insects.
  • Animate a broom to make it sweep
  • Close a door within range
  • Create a faint breeze

Generally a trick should not be significant enough to harm a person or affect a dice roll. However, by expending a Fate Point, the GM may allow you to perform more useful tricks or to roll your Affinity Ability to perform a Maneuver. Examples of these more powerful tricks and Maneuvers include:

  • Light a camp fire at a distance
  • Create a sound loud enough to disorient a person. (Maneuver: Affinity vs. Endurance to place Stunned on your target. This Aspect is fragile.)
  • Levitate a small object weighing less than 10 lbs (about 5kgs) and slowly move it about.
  • Create a small, seemingly real, illusion in your hand.
  • Create a flash of light in front of someone’s face. (Maneuver: Affinity vs. Agility to place Blinded on your target. This Aspect is fragile.)
  • Nudge your opponent with a well timed blast of air. (Maneuver: Affinity vs. Agility to place Off Balance on your target. This Aspect is fragile.)
  • Teleport an object in your pocket to your hand, or from a cup in one hand into a cup in the other.
  • Whisper a message containing a number of words equal to your Affinity into the ear of a person within range.
  • Make your eyes glow, or your voice echo, creepily (Maneuver: Affinity vs. Willpower to place Unnerved on your target. This Aspect is fragile.)


+0 (Strenuous): It requires some effort on your part to perform the more powerful tricks, or Maneuvers with this Power. Instead of spending a Fate Point, as a simple action, you roll your Affinity against an activation difficulty of 4.

+1 (Adept Trickster): If you generate Spin on an attempt to perform a Maneuver with this Power, you may decide to either make the Aspect persistent, or make it sticky. These sticky Aspects last the duration of the Scene, or until the victim performs some action to remove them. 

+1 (Master Trickster): You do not need to spend a Fate Point to activate this Power when using the more powerful tricks as described above, or performing Maneuvers.