Chapter 11: Large Scale Conflict

Wondering what we mean by "Large Scale Conflict"? Well, read on!

Large scale conflict is used to allow players and the GM to get involved in, and play out, events that are generally a lot more “epic” than the typical Personal Scale conflicts.

For example, Duke Sunsplitter is a young farmer on a distant planet. In time he is approached by a powerful sorcerer who tells him that he has the potential to wield great power, and that he must help the budding rebellion overthrow the evil king.

Duke and the sorcerer eventually hook up with some like-minded miscreants and engage in a number of Personal Scale conflicts on their way to rescue Princess Marla, the daughter of the evil king, and now leader of the rebellion.

As thanks, she conscripts Duke and pals as officers in her growing rebel force. They are given their own retinue of soldiers and lead them on a number of Skirmish Scale assaults against her evil father’s army.

As time passes and Duke proves himself a capable general, he is eventually given control of the entire army. Now he plans the assaults, manages the rebellion’s resources, and generally leads the way in Campaign Scale conflicts between the rebellion and the king’s forces.

This chapter provides you with the tools to change the scope of your campaign, “zooming in” to focus on the events of a select few, or “zooming out” to see how their decisions impact thousands.