Strands of Fate Sample Characters

These characters have been previously posted on our message boards, but I thought I'd toss them up here for the newcomers.

I also feel I should post the standard disclaimer for preview material. Anything and everything is subject to change. In fact, there have been some edits made to these characters since they were originally posted on the boards.

This also isn't what the character sheet is going to look like. It's just a little something I whipped up a few weeks ago to ease character building for playtesting.

Cobalt, the Tech-Ninja - This is a character I build for a Shadowrun game using Strands of Fate. He falls into the "Action Hero" Power Level of characters and is loaded up with cybernetics. As such, he is just about as complicated a character as you are ever likely to see built with the Strands of Fate game system.

Lawson, the Paranormal Investigator - This character would be right at home in any Call of Cthulhu or modern horror scenerio. He falls into the "Expert" Power Level of characters so he's a bit simpler to build and run than the cybered-up Cobalt.

As with so many other things, Strands of Fate allows you to adjust the level of complexity characters in your campaign require. It's a game system full of switches, dials and alternate rules; built that way so you can model just about any kind of game you can imagine.