Word on the Street

I gotta say Strands of Fate is one of the most well written, clear, concise, & edited rule books I have read. Very impressed.
- @Grimmshade (Twitter)
*sigh* Okay, I really don't want to like Fate. I want to be perfectly happy in my rules-light simple systems and stay away from all the crunchy complex stuff...But, I  really like this book! I think I am finally getting this Fate stuff and I really like all the options and accessories in the book. Very well done!
- Malistyr (RPGNet)
I've been moving to Fudge as the rule system of choice, but found I had to retain things like Starmada and Budget Battlefield to cover the spectrum of gaming I like. The Fate variant seemed almost perfect. Then came Strands of Fate. It _is_ perfect for me. ...I've unsubscribed to many of my Yahoo groups and am now focused on Strands of Fate, converting/creating favorite characters, beasts, races, wizards, interstellar scout ships, and SteamPunk dirigibles to SoF.
- Michael Tassano (RPGNow)
Vehicles. Oh man! F@#$ing Amazing! I love it. Simple, elegant, gets the job done. Can SoF be nominated for an Ennie? 
- Incomitatum (RPGnet)
I've advertised the fact in a few previous threads, but I've played FUDGE for several years now and really hate it on multiple levels. Fate has one or two good ideas added in, but they're still attached to one of my least favorite core systems of all time. I'm only saying this to emphasize the next statement: I really love Strands. It's just fantastic. I love almost everything about it. I love the short, sweet, symmetrical list of attributes. I love the character and specialty aspects. I love the multi-tiered 
advantage system. I love the physical, mental, and social conflicts. I love the rules for vehicles and organizations. So yeah. You've managed to make a Fate game that this die-hard Fate-hater has nothing but praise for. Consider this my endorsement. 
- ShanG (RPGnet)
Reading "Strands of Fate" is energising my imagination, it's really doing a number on me, sign of an excellent book.
- @CaptCalamitous (Twitter)
Basically, for me BESM can now be put to permanent rest. Fate in the Strands flavor is an upgrade in every way.
- Denys (RPGnet)
This is good stuff. I was a tad bit sceptical at first (it's a rather hefty page count and a lot of things had been changed from "vanilla" fate, so actually, yeah, I feared for the worst). You managed to keep the core mechanics that make fate interesting, and then threw out a lot of the baggage associated with the system - in fact, it's only in hindsight that I realize that Fate dragged around so much ballast. The book is truly generic - you cover pretty much all possible contemporary setting styles (including CP/Transhumanism, which usually requires a sourcebook or two to really work with a "generic" game system). Characters have a decent all-around core competency by virtue of the abilities system (which I find highly preferrable over the skilly column/pyramid, which IMHO tends to promote overspecialisation at lower power levels, which in turn can become a problem with low player counts). I'm a bit reluctant to call it the best iteration of fate available, since it's quite different to "vanilla" Fate 3.0; but it's definitely a good rules system, nicely packaged and covering all the options. This one's a keeper, and I can't wait until I hold the hardcover in my hands.
- Inamoena Tempora (RPGnet)
Strands has actually ruined me on alot of other games. I tried GURPS, D&D4e, Savage Worlds and others and kept coming back to Strands.
- FRWS25 (RPGnet)
If this game had aspects they would be “scalable”, “multi-genre support”, “well-written”, “mulitfaceted”, “extensible” and most of all “comprehensive”... I would give this my strongest possible recommendation for someone that wanted to get into the FATE system with the ability to play any genre. This is likely the only book you would need to run a long-lasting and varied game.
- Tom Morris (RPGNow)
If I had to take one and only one tabletop RPG with me to a desert island, Strands would be it, hands-down.
- Andrew McMenemy