Strands of Fate PDF is live!

Alright guys. It's done. The PDF for Strands of Fate is live and we are now accepting orders.

But here's how we'll have to do it. I literally just finished putting the PDF together. Obviously that means I haven't gotten things worked out with DrivethruRPG/RPGNow yet. So if you want the book, you can send direct payments though Paypal. And upon receipt of payment I'll email you a download link to the PDF. 

The Paypal account to send money to is shown below as an image. If you want, you can go ahead and order, but I can't promise you'll get yours tonight. I'll be up for about another hour, then I'll continue filling more orders in the morning. I promise I'll try to get to you ASAP, but please be patient. This is a manual operation right now.

It's not an ideal arrangement, but you'll be able to get it about a week quicker this way.

The PDF will be $10. This buys you the fully bookmarked PDF (with linked table of contents), a printer friendly version, the character sheet and $10 off the price of the hardback when it releases. I've been told that I can do coupon codes through Lulu, but worse case scenario, I can just do $10 refunds through Paypal. Your emails will be a record, so don't trash them.

Either way, if you get the PDF now, the hard cover will be $10 cheaper. If you decide to hold off for now and get the hard cover when it goes live in a few weeks, you'll get the PDF for free then.