Free PDF Promotion Details

When you place an order from Lulu, they will email you a receipt.

If you order the hardcover of Strands of Fate you can forward me a copy of the receipt ( and I'll send you a link to download the PDF for free.

If you ordered the PDF directly from us via Paypal earlier this month, and you order the hardcover from Lulu, you can forward me your receipt and I'll issue you a refund via Paypal for your purchase of the PDF.

Please be clear in your email whether you have purchased the hardcover and want a PDF, or if you have purchased the PDF and want a refund.

I'll try to be as prompt as possible, but please be patient as this is a manual process performed by a single person.

Note that neither of the deals apply to softcover orders via Lulu or PDFs purchased via RPGNow/DrivethruRPG. You must either order the hardcover from Lulu or have purchased the PDF directly from us via Paypal earlier this month. Also note that we are no longer accepting orders via Paypal.